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Creating software products is risky, expensive and hard. Customer needs and markets are constantly changing. If your product isn’t easy to use and engaging, customers will be gone in seconds.

Strategy alone can’t keep up with all the technical, design, and business decisions necessary to build software products with impact. We believe that if you give your team the right mindset - the Product Mindset - they can see opportunity, move quickly, and create products customers want to buy and use.

For more than 10 years, we’ve helped more than 250 companies build software that is driving their growth in the digital economy. We’ve helped our clients create billions of dollars of equity value and engage with tens of millions of consumers.


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8:30 AM


Come early to register, pick up your name badge, and meet other attendees. Coffee and breakfast will be provided.

9:15 AM


We are all trying to create software products customers want but we’re often held back by an old-school IT mindset in many established companies. CEO David DeWolf will kick the day off with a talk about what makes the Product Mindset different than an IT Mindset and how you can help your company evolve. Then get ready for a crash course in the 3 core tenets of the Product Mindset. With that foundational knowledge, we’ll turn you loose on some exercises where you’ll be asked to flex your newly-acquired Product Mindset muscle.

9:40 AM

Building for Outcomes

We don’t just want to write code, we want to help businesses thrive and grow. The first value of the Product Mindset is to ensure your teams are focused on building for outcomes. We’ll introduce a dash of Design Thinking to work through the first set of collaborative exercises and presentations before breaking for lunch.

11:30 AM


This workshop is known for lively discussion and networking. Connect with your peers and our speakers over lunch.

12:00 NOON


If you’re not putting something tangible into stakeholders’ - or better yet, users’ - hands early and often, you’re relying on guesswork to guide you. Not a strategy that often leads to success. You and your team will try your hand at coming up with the shortest path to value in a fast-moving scenario where real-world, real-life issues get thrown at you.

1:15 PM


As we’ll see during the previous hour, knowing how and when to respond to change is a skill that’s necessary for product teams to master. Nobody said it would be easy, however. Humans are hard-wired to avoid change. So how can you make it something your teams embrace rather than grumble about? That’s the $64,000 question, and it’s one we’ll tackle with you in the last session of the day.

2:35 PM


To wrap things up, we’ll bring it back to center and leave you with some tangible tools you can use when you go back to the product development trenches. We’ll also have an open panel discussion so attendees can ask questions of the day’s presenters and vice versa.

3:00 - 4:15 PM


After intense focus on building high-performing teams and high-performance software, we'll break out early for a happy hour and will provide you with the opportunity to chat with your peers in the development community. Come for the learning; stay for the conversation and exchange of ideas!

Our Speakers

Get to know the team that will be delivering the Product Mindset and a little more about their bona fides in the world of product development.

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